ETC is a leading timber merchant, agency, and timber processing company based in Riga, Latvia, which provides international customers with European sawn timber.

Our speciality is pallet and packaging timber. We provide standard and bespoke sizes produced from softwood and hardwood logs.

Equally, our product portfolio offers also construction timber and fencing timber, including machined rounded poles and stakes.

We are highly customer service oriented by providing short response times, timely shipments, and the aspiration to generally make things easy for the customer.

About us

Founded in 2005, Euro Trading Company (ETC) has become a reliable supplier of quality timber. Over the years, we have built a strong supply base, working closely with most regional sawmills. We deliver lumber to our facilities in Riga for further processing and loading on ships, containers, or trucks. We ship various products, including Kiln-dried, pressure treated, planed and profiled, and FSC® certified products. We provide a wide spectrum of timber processing such as Heat Treatment to ISPM 15 standard, Kiln Drying, Anti-Stain Treatment, Chemical Pressure Treatment, Creosote treatment, planning, chamfering, and other services.

Each year our experienced and skilled team manages over 200,000 m3 of sawn timber through our warehouse in the Port of Riga. Our main markets are the UK, Ireland, GCC, MENA, and Fare East countries. To ensure the best sea freight rates, we cooperate with all the major shipping lines and hauliers.

We are highly customer service oriented by providing short response times, follow-through on orders, timely shipments, and the willingness to make things easy for the customer.





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Our business

From construction to garden products, and pallets to packaging, we deliver to an array of industries in a dozen of countries. Over the years we have built a reliable network of procurement with most regional sawmills, which warrants we have the right materials for excelling in our product quality and timely shipments. Close quality control during timber processing and the experienced customer service team ensures that we deliver on our promises.

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Partnership countries

We are constantly looking for new partners as customers or agents in your home country.

Softwood Pallet Timber

Hardwood Pallet Timber

Industrial Packaging Timber

Sleepers, Gateposts,

Roofing Battens

Construction timber

Profiled materials

Economy grade timber

Machine Rounded Posts and Cundy Peeled Stakes, Strainers, CREASOTED

Tree stakes

Partnership opportunities

Nowadays, in our industry, the competition takes place not so much between individual companies, but rather among different supply channels. Understanding this simple truth keeps us always focused on finding the most efficient ways to make the supply chain as lean as possible. We invite manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and agents from any timber importing country to reach out to us to discuss how we can help you grow your businesses.

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