Our speciality is pallet timber and construction timber. Baltic region is rich with hardwood and softwood forests. The developed sawmilling industry offers an exceptional choice of species and grades for virtually any pallet type.

The dominant species in Latvian forest are: Foliage Alder and Aspen, and coniferious Pine and Spruce.
















We can offer virtually any size that you may ever need for you pallet manufacturing:  

  • Boards 12-25mm x 50-150mm 
  • Bearers 26-70mm x 70-100mm
  • Blockwood 70x70mm - 100x100mm

Other products:

  • Constuction timber in Pine, Spruce, 35/44/47/50/63/75 x 100/125/150/175/200/225 and other dimensions upon request.
  • Roofing battens 19x38, 25x38, 25x50, stamped, pressure treated,
  • Fencing timber, posts, rails, machine rounded and peeled stakes, sleepers, gate posts, etc.