Euro Trading Company is a leading timber merchant and agency based in Riga, Latvia, which provides international customers with sawn timber from Baltic States and Western Russia.

Our experienced team has developed skills and acquired knowledge necessary to meet virtually any pallet timber requirement.

Our speciality is pallet timber. However, a growing part of our product portfolio is also construction timber and fencing timber, including machined rounded poles.

We employ staff of 30 people and each year we ship over 150,000 cbm of sawn timber  through our terminal in Port of Riga, Daugavgrivas st. 83. Our main markets are UK, Ireland, Belenux, GCC, Jordan, Israel and Benelux, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Korea, China. To ensure the best freight rates we cooperate with all major shipping lines and hauliers.

We are highly customer oriented and are dedicated to providing them with the most critical support services such as Heat Treatment to ISPM 15 standard, Kiln Drying, Anti-Stain treatment, Pressure Treatment, and timber processing services.

Over the years we have built reliable working relationship with most of regional sawmills. Our extensive supplier network guarantees stable and timely deliveries, which is a crucial precondition for our service standard to deliver on our promises.